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On November 9, the Moscow office of OpenText will host a free seminar on "Enterprise Media Asset Management"

We invite our esteemed Customers to a meeting, in which our experts will share their knowledge and experience on how today you can use advanced technologies for managing corporate media content to the maximum effect to accelerate digital transformation of companies, optimize business and improve service for consumers of their products and services.

Address of the event: Moscow, st. Letnikovskaya 2, building 1, BC Vivaldi, building D, 4th floor
Registration: 9: 30-10: 00
Start: 10:00 to 13:00

Seminar details:

This seminar is designed for specialists and managers of departments who use media content in their work - photo, video, audio, etc. Such as - marketing, corporate communications, PR, management / maintenance of the production assets of the enterprise.

Seminar program:

OpenText technologies within tasks:

  • media archive organization - managing storage and retrieval of media content
  • organization of collaboration with media content
  • interaction with media content providers
  • monitoring compliance with media asset licensing and copyright protection policies
  • optimization of access to heavy content, including previews, streaming, automated downgrade, etc.
  • publishing media content

To participate in this seminar, please send an e-mail osiamash@opentext.com a request with the names of interested employees.

Taking this opportunity, we would like to express our gratitude to you for your interest in our solutions and confidence that OpenText products can further contribute to the efficiency and sustainability of your company.

Best regards, Olga Siamashka Sr. CIS CEE Account Development Manager Phone: +49 89-4629- 1295 For technical support, license changes or download assistance, please email Support @ OpenText. com