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Automated Document Management System ...


Our Client is one of the most successful and advanced Russian companies, the revenues of which largely depend on the revenues of the Russian budget.


The main goal of the project was & nbsp; to provide the Client with an effective document management and office work system, which allows to increase the efficiency of registration, approval, search and accounting of the use of documents, as well as to ensure control over the execution of orders, the ability to store and access electronic copies of documents.

As a result of the implementation of the System, the following tasks were automated:

  • accounting and registration of documents of the Company;
  • coordination and approval (signing) of documents of the Company;
  • familiarization of employees with the documents of the Company;
  • registration and control over the execution of orders of the heads of the Company;
  • archival storage of the Company's documents;
  • search for documents and orders by details and text.


  • full-text recognition and pdf generation with text layer for full-text search;
  • automatic search and formation of links to other documents of the System in the resulting pdf file;
  • export files and data to EMC Documentum storage; use barcodes to identify documents.
Reduced processing time
  • By increasing the efficiency of registration of documents, the possibility of faster management decisions was made possible;
  • The time spent on document approval has been reduced.
Improving performance discipline
Simplified control over the execution of orders by increasing the transparency of the work of executors
Simplification of a number of tasks
The tasks of finding the necessary documents and accounting for the use of originals have been simplified
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